CLIoT Preliminary Program

Monday, 05.09.2016 Venue

The Big Bucket: An IoT Cloud Solution For Smart Waste Management in Smart Cities
Maurizio Giacobbe, Carlo Puliafito and Marco Scarpa
SE 125
IoT-Big Data Software Ecosystems for Smart Cities Sensing: Challenges, Open Issues, and Emerging Solutions
Alexander Cartier, David Lee, Burak Kantarci and Luca Foschini
A Motivating Case Study for Coordinating Deployment of Security VNF in Federated Cloud Networks
Philippe Massonet, Anna Levin, Massimo Villari, Arnaud Michot and Sébastien Dupont

Towards Distributed and Context-Aware Human-Centric Cyber-Physical Systems
Jose García-Alonso, Javier Berrocal, Carlos Canal and Juan Manuel Murillo Rodríguez
SE 125
Re-Powering Service Provisioning Through Virtual Machine Migration in Federated Cloud Environments: An Algorithm Combining Energy Sustainability and Cost-Saving Strategies
Maurizio Giacobbe, Antonio Celesti, Maria Fazio, Massimo Villari and Antonio Puliafito
Application Development and Deployment for IoT Devices
Farshad Ahmadi Ghohandizi and Kari Systa